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Robo Intelligent kit (INTL)

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Programmable robotic kit
Make yourself innovative through intelligent kit and solve world problems
Are you ready to take challenge?
Open, imagine, explore, create, Innovate and resolve

Age appropriate for 12 to 13 years old.


1. Robo Intelligent kit contains plastic materials for assembling projects - Remote control, - Servo motor and sensor - Windows-base “Tronz” Programming software - Student manual with STEAM education.
2. It contains IR sensors used to obtain data from surrounding and feed it to robots to take decisions according to conditions provided in the programming.
3. Robo Intelligent kit has 9 Projects.
4. Box contains Multiple panels and a projects manual.


1. Robo Intelligent kit includes 1 comprehensive STEAM manual.
2. Kids will enhance their fine-motor skills.
3. Kids will learn the Implementation and application of flow-chart
4. Kids will learn the If & Else statement through project-based.
5. Kids can simulate their programs in real-time projects to understand coding and its flow-control commands easily.


Safety certificates
A complete manual to build 09 models & unlimited DIY Projects

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