STEAM & Robot Advantage at home

Robotics Toys

Student simply enjoy to create the projects, play with wiring, connection, Remote control then change and make various new designs as per the manual or innovative minds.

STEAM Education kits

It's doesn't matter where student will practice robotic at home or school, for the STEAM education kits to be successful, the structure of Manual must suite the students age, parents and teachers easy to read and explain. It should shows how to read and extract STEAM from the module selected, then how to assemble the Module step by step with  clear images, then how to wire the cables, put the design on operation then Play with Fun.

Students will be able to assemble this kit in less than 25-35 minutes, it depend on how fast they understand the parts, including shapes, length, and colors. While students like to move directly to the design of module without reading much about the module, here the Teachers / Parents guide comes to assist them to read first page, look at shape, explore ideas of the object they will design.

Wind Mill Project Manual

At the end of project assembling, the manual guide on wiring and controller setting with remote control, showing final touch and operation. smart way to learn.

It's important to show some Tips, tricks on additional wiring or operate of the design, to motivate students to complete the last part of the project by reading the question related to the projects.

With the support of teacher / parents, we can ask questions that will build student knowledge around the module they design.

It's time for Family & Group sharing and playing.