Smart way to Learn

Educational Robot

We aim to educate children while Playing and in Fun-way. That's will require support of Parent or Teacher to work alone-side the students to motivate and support child.

The Robotmea robotic kits are unique:

  • Use Safe materials for children from 4 years and above,
  • Made by South Korea specialized educational companies,
  • Manuals are designed with STEAM education framework,
  • Manuals shows clear Images and step by step assembling,
  • Manuals has Q&A at the end of each project related to STEAM
  • We have customized Curriculum to match School / Government education system¬† and many more.

The robotmea education products use step by step education method, each robotics course kit has 9-12 Projects on manual, plus students can use their creativity to make more designs.

The robotic kits start with simple assembling kits of Vehicles / Dinosaurs / Animals, then new design of mechanical moving objects and basic of Motor and Battery wiring, and it continue in every step to grow and give more challenges to students include basic programming to advance Robotic challenges and gaming.

Creative - Smart - Mechanic

We provide training to teachers in-order to deliver better education methods to students, please visit this link for teacher's training.

We want to make your child benefit from robotmea education kits and grow their knowledge "Shaping the Future of Youth"